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Vicious Gardens is a 2-6 player card game that combines the joy of gardening with the thrill of being a total jerk. Strategically cultivate your garden, harvest plants, and sabotage others in a competition to become the Official Master Gardener.

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2 - 6 Players

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Ages 14+

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20 - 50 Mins


A Devious Game of Horitcultural Supremacy

Vicious Gardens is all about becoming a master gardener, cultivating quirky plants, and finding ways to sabotage the competition. Games are quick to play, easy to learn, but delightfully packed with strategy.

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How To Be a Vicious Gardener

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Step 1


Grow and harvest eccentric plants such as Fuzzlesquash, Spotted Bildge, or Floofberry in your garden.

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Step 2

Enlist Specialists

Meet the unique cast of  specialists who are ready to sabotage your opponents and help your garden flourish.

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Step 3


Experience the fruits of your labor and earn victory points through harvesting your plants.

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Step 4


Only the fiercest and finest garden in the land will take home the title of OMG (Official Master Gardener).


Expand Your Garden

When you back the Vicious Gardens Kickstarter don't forget the extras! Along with the base game, you can get the Double-Sided Metallic Winner's Token, the Kickstarter exclusive Slip Sleeve, and 4 new expansions to add into your game!


Expansions include the Noxious Weeds/Cruel Summers pack and the Chaos Critters/Fancy Plants pack.

Viciousgardenscomingsoon Logo Green

Live NOW on Kickstarter!

Back the campaign to secure your copy of Vicious Gardens!