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Channel WON is a 2-6 player, semi-cooperative card game played over three rounds — Morning, Evening, and Nightly news.

Work together to find locations and sources. But remember, only one reporter will have what it takes to resort to anything to report everything!

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2 - 6 Players

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Ages 14+

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30 - 60 Mins


(plus S+H)

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Travel The City.
Follow The Leads.
Catch Your Big Break!

This just in! You are a budding reporter for Channel WON News and you are so close to catching that big break! The network has decided to bring a fresh face to their news anchor desk and you are one of the final candidates.Your goal is to travel the city, gather sources, and help report the best news stories of the day. Resort to anything to report everything!

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What’s In The Box?

Gameboard Channelwon
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Game Board

Boxcontents Charactercards
Cw Whatsinthebox 6green

Character Cards

Boxcontents Leadcards
Cw Whatsinthebox 36purple

Lead Cards

Boxcontents Source
Cw Whatsinthebox 36orange

Source Cards

Boxcontents Locationcards
Cw Whatsinthebox 12

Location Cards

Boxcontents Insidescoopcards
Cw Whatsinthebox 24green

Inside Scoop Cards

Boxcontents Reportertiles
Cw Whatsinthebox 24blue

Reporter Tiles

Boxcontents Passtokens
Cw Whatsinthebox 6orange

Pass Tokens

Boxcontents Ratingtrackertokens
Cw Whatsinthebox 5

Rating Tracker Tokens


How To Play


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Group Gameplay Preview

Game Reviews

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Hotspot Icon Pink

Sturdy, hefty game box that won't fall apart after a couple of plays. Plus, a sweet tray to keep everything from sliding around when you're on the go.

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It's not a race track, but this game board is good for tracking both your point scores and the network ratings while you play!

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Hefty wooden rating tracker tokens for tracking ratings. Now you can tell everyone that you have 5 stars!

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Want to take a little break? Use your smooth wooden pass token to skip your turn once each round.

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Brightly colored, screen printed wooden reporter tiles to help you identify which reporter you are…or to identify your rivals for some sabotage.

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Interview everyone but the kitchen sink when you gather these easily identifiable source cards to play on leads you’re following.

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You’ll never need to look at a map, but don’t forget to gather a couple of these colorful location cards before reporting on a lead.

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Need some help with your reporting? These inside scoop cards have some hot tips to help you out!

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Don’t bury the lead, follow it! These uniquely designed lead cards will give you guidance on what you should play throughout the game.

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Choose from 6 competitive reporter character cards each with their own unique ability and expertise. 


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Rulebook PDF

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(plus S+H)

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