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At Pops & Bejou Games we believe board games bring people closer together. A great alternative to online communication, board games give us time to speak with one another in person, they allow us to be in a low stakes competitive environment, and they are simply fun entertainment. Our team loves board games and our goal is to share that love with others.

Pops & Bejou Games works to create games for all types of gamers, whether they are seasoned strategists, casual gamers, or anything in between. We strive to do our part to make games inclusive and representative of ALL people. Our goal for inclusion extends to those of all backgrounds, races, religions, ethnicities, genders, sexualities, ages, and cultures. No matter your walk of life, we believe that board games should be for everyone.

Just four friends living in the other windy city, Fargo, ND, who decided to make a board game! (From left to right) Jenna, proudly referred to as Bejou, spends her free time crafting, getting her glasses untangled from her hair, and playing board games. Austin, better known as Pops, enjoys modern art, eating shredded cheese by itself, and playing board games. Danny, a graphic designer who couldn't be finer, has a taste for smooth jazz, going out to eat for lunch too often, and board games. Jake, always a bridesmaid- never a bride- but with nicknames, is passionate about iced coffee, remembering miniscule details about everything, and playing board games. (Sensing a theme here?) We love board games! And we are so excited to share that love with you! We can’t wait to join you at your future game nights with CULTivate, successfully funded on Kickstarter and coming soon to a table near you!