Channel WON (Pre-Order)

Shipping February 2023.


This just in! You are a budding reporter for Channel WON News and you are so close to catching that big break! The network has decided to bring a fresh new face to their news anchor desk and you are the final candidates. Channel WON has decided to put their reporters to the test in a one-day, all-out showdown to see who is the best reporter to land the job of prime time news anchor! In this semi-cooperative card game, your goal is to travel the city, gather sources, and help report the best news stories of the day.


What's in the Box:

  • 1 Game Board
  • 6 Character Cards
  • 36 Lead Cards
  • 36 Source Cards
  • 12 Location Cards
  • 24 Inside Scoop Cards
  • 24 Reporter Meeples
  • 6 Pass Tokens
  • 5 Ratings Tracker Tokens

Channel WON (Pre-Order)

SKU: PBJ02001