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A Take-that, Pattern-building Board Game with quirky cult leaders, zany followers, and sabotage galore!
CULTivate board game cards

CULTivate is a take-that, pattern-building game in which you play as a cult leader working to fill your compound with followers to help you carry out your agenda. Play cards from your hand allowing you to gain followers, manage follower placement within your compound, and sabotage rival cult leaders. As you draw cards, Undercover Investigations can pop up and add investigators to your compound stopping you from recruiting followers. Not gaining the type of followers you want? Make exchanges with follower meeples in the supply to help you complete your agenda and fill your compound. As you recruit followers you will activate powers making it easier for you to fill your compound. When a player fills their compound, the end of the game is triggered. Players tally the points of their followers, points from completed agendas, and any earned bonuses to see who comes out on top.

"CULTivate is a colorful, spatial puzzle game with a lot of energy and player interaction.  It’s unlike any game I have played before; the play style, the theme, and the art feel like a fresh new face in the board gaming world! This game will definitely be my new "go-to" social game of choice. The rules are simple enough for less experienced players, while still offering layers of complexity for veterans. It’s long enough to feel like you’re developing a strategy, but just short enough to not feel burned if the cards don’t fall in your favor."

-Danielle Standring

Cultivate game - investigator
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Rulebook (English)

Rulebook (Spanish)

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