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This just in! You are a budding reporter for Channel WON News and you are so close to catching that big break! Channel WON has decided to put their reporters to the test in a one-day, all-out showdown to see who is the best reporter to land the job of prime time news anchor! Channel WON is a semi-cooperative card game played over three rounds. In each round, players will collect cards needed to report on leads in the lineup. Players will need to work together to add location visits and sources to each lead in the day’s lineups in order to report stories, but once a story is locked in for editing, only players who helped contribute to it receive credit. Build up your reputation while discrediting your opponents, but be careful! If any lead goes unreported or a story is inaccurate, the network ratings will fall. Fall below a one star rating and Channel WON becomes Channel None and you all lose! Earn the most points after three rounds and you will be Channel WON's newest prime time news anchor! Resort to anything to report everything!